Accounting is a specialized language of business, which helps to understand the economic activities of the entity. It is an act of orderly capturing the day to day monetary transactions of the business and classifying them into various groups along with that, the transactions are summarized in a way that they can be easily referred at the time of urgency, thereafter analyzing and understanding the results of the financial statement and finally communicating the results to the interested parties.

The main function of accounting is to provide material information, especially of a financial nature for decision making. Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Tax Accounting, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Accounting, Social Responsibility Accounting are the fields of Accounting.

Destination MiddleEast is a professional audit firm in U.A.E Our team of astute and capable accountants and auditors aims to help our clients to manage their risks and increase the efficiency of their operations.

We are offering accounting, audit services that include: statutory, internal and management audit and a host of financial consultancy services.

Our Services are:

Audit and Assurance Services

VAT Registration

VAT Implementation

VAT Return Filing

Accounting and Bookkeeping

HR and Payroll Audit

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